Melanie Fauske & Marie-Louise Flexen began working with horsemanship dance and performance in 2015 on Arts Council funded productions 'All Fall Down' and 'Lost & Found' which were produced by GDance for Gloucester Carnival 2016 & 2017. After this they took on a new project, a performance peice based on the love story of Pierrot and Pierrette produced by Curious Company.


















Melainie and Marie-Louise wanted to contiune the vision of all they had developed and achieved from working on thease project so they decided to officially establish Barehoof Performance Equine Entertainment in June 2018 and got there first booking with at Witney Community Hospital as part of the creating with care project.
























Visiting Witney Community Hospital with Sunset Roxanna

BHP Show biz 2 BHPUnicorn 1

Wedding - Unicorn with Cupid & Aphrodite