Melanie Fauske & Marie-Louise Flexen began working with horsemanship and dance performance in 2015 on Arts Council funded production ' 'Lost & Found' which was produced by Helen Croker one of UK's most prominent aerialist and co founder of Ciromedia in Bristol. After this project they worked on a peice for family audiences based on the love story of Pierrot and Pierrette produced by Curious Company who create beautifully theamed shows for events.


Melainie and Marie-Louise wanted to contiune the vision of all they had developed and achieved from working on thease projects so they decided to officially establish Barehoof Productions in June 2018.


They recieved a festival & event innovation garnt awarded to them by Gloucester Culture Trust in March 2019. They took the commissioned performance 'A Unicorns Gift' on to a small summer tour. This year Marie-Louise was suscessful in reciving a COVID-19 emergency grant for her projects from TheArts Council England and Barehoof Productions were able to create a dance film with professional videographer Peter Anderson for

The Horsmanshipshowcase 2020 & Beyond


























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